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The Best Overtakes of F1's Modern Era All in 1 Place!

The 20 most extraordinary moves since 2017. The ultimate showcase of skill, bravery and balls. While we all love the strategy, pit stops, rapid qualifying runs and drama, it is the on track action that makes us all love F1. Here are the 20 best highlights of such on track action, showcased in one place for you to enjoy. Grab the popcorn, and be ready to sit in awe of some of the best moments the modern era of F1 has witnessed!

Some videos may require you to click for access to YouTube if they are owned by F1. The link will take you right there as easily as you like!

Honourable mention- Hamilton's triple overtake at Bahrain, 2018.

Honourable mention- Riccardo sets Leclerc up beautifully through turn 1 and holds it round the outside of 2 to take the position into turn 3. Eiffel GP, 2020.

20. Albon flies round the outside of Ricciardo, Mugello 2020.

19. Ricciardo dives up the inside of an unsuspecting Raikonnen, in the classic 'last of the late breakers' Danny Ric way, Monza 2017.

18. Vettel takes Ricciardo on round the outside of the turn 6 hairpin, getting great traction out of the corner and finishing the move in to 7, China 2017.

17. A rare case of Bottas bettering Hamilton- Bottas fights back at Hamilton at Silverstone and re-takes first, 2019.

16. Sergio Perez showcases his skill in the wet, with a double overtake through the first few turns at china, 2017.

15. A rare couple of overtakes at Monaco by a daring Max Verstappen.

14. A second driver completing a bold move at Monaco- this time with Leclerc on the Haas at Rascasse, 2019.

13. Another triple overtake- this time by Daniel Ricciardo, Baku 2017.

12. Russell proves he is the future of Mercedes, with an impressive move on Bottas- Sakhir 2020.

11. Vettel's strong defence wasn't enough to keep Hamilton behind in Russia, who refused to give up round the long turn 3 and made the move on the brakes into 4, 2018.

10. Vettel pulls off the Nigel Mansell dummy move on Bottas, Spain 2017.

9. Ricciardo takes the lead with a great dive up the inside of Bottas, China 2018.

8. Magnussen on Leclerc round the outside of 130R! Unfortunately missed by TV, Japan 2018.

7. Kvyat boldly flies round the outside of the Renault at turn 4, Spain, 2020.

6. Perez makes Norris look like a rookie, with the 'best move of [his] career', Abu Dhabi 2019.

5. Raikonnen breezes past the Toro Rossos, Bahrain 2019.

4. Sainz does incredibly well, diving up the inside of Perez at turn 1, threading his McLaren through a quickly closing gap. Brazil, 2019, see 0:50.

3. Kvyat has an incredible restart. He makes a double overtake in to turn 1, before pulling something truly special out the bag to make the move on Leclerc (the overtake on Leclerc is what gives him the number 3 spot here). Imola, 2020.

2. Sainz impresses once more at Sergio's expense, remarkably holding it round the outside of turn 18 at COTA, before completing the move into 19. USA, 2017.

1.Gasly joins the hall of fame, the exclusive club, of those who have made an overtake at the Eau Rouge and Radillion.

I hope you enjoyed watching the 20 most extraordinary overtakes the modern era of F1 has witnessed! Which one was your favourite, and why? Are there any passes that I missed? Let me know in the comments below.

Let's all hope for more great racing in 2021. Bring it on!

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